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ARCHIVE: FAQs (prior to 2006)

In June 2006, the highway and transit elements of the I-70 East Corridor were separated into two independent projects, reflecting that they serve different travel markets, are located in different corridors, and have different funding sources. Read more about the Project Separation on the Project Overview page.

ARCHIVE: New Info for the I-70 East and East Corridor projects prior to to Sept. 2006

1. Why are the highway and transit projects formerly combined in the I-70 East Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) moving forward separately?

The separation, which occurred in spring 2006, allows both projects to move forward more efficiently by better focusing on the issues unique to each. Both studies incorporate the data and public input gathered prior to the separation, and each will continue to encourage public input using the community outreach techniques developed in the I-70 East Corridor EIS.

2. What will be studied?

The I-70 East EIS will study highway improvements between I-25 and Tower Road. The East Corridor EIS will study transit between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport.

3. What happens next?

The I-70 East EIS team plans to release the Draft EIS (DEIS) in 2008. The DEIS will include detailed analysis of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the No-Action and four build alternatives. A Final EIS is scheduled for 2011, followed by a Record of Decision issued by the Federal Highway Administration.

4. When is my next chance to provide input?

You can provide input by filling out a Feedback Form, attending the I-70 PACT meeting, or provide a formal comment on the FEIS which is tentatively scheduled for release in 2011.

5. Will I have to attend different meetings if I'm interested in both projects?

Yes, because meetings for each study will now focus exclusively on either transit or highway alternatives, which will allow you to provide more detailed input.

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